The World is your Lobster..

Crustacean-lovers, and I’m one, will no doubt be pleased to hear that the well-being of lobsters and crabs is being included in the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, going through Parliament. The legislation will finally recognise that these animals can feel pain. Boiling lobsters alive will be banned, thank goodness.  

The Lobster Lowdown:

They have armour-plated bodies (crustacean from the Latin for crust) and 10 legs; including a pair of pincers.

They don’t like ending up on anyone’s plate, so play dead to avoid being cooked.

They usually mate for life and hatch babies known as ‘amazing lobsters.’

They have a super sense of smell.

They can reach a ripe old age – up to 50, by which time they might not taste that great.

They come out of the sea black-blue, and turn red after cooking.

Lobsters are known as the crustacean kings…..and don’t like crabs!